Omega Book Unsigned - A Journey Through Time by Marco Richon

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Brand: Omega Desciption: Omega - A Journey Through Time. With its 832 pages and 6,625 illustrations (70 per cent of which are in four-colour printing and most of which are being published for the first time), this is one of the most comprehensive works ever published about a watch brand. Devoted entirely to the evolution of its models, from the late nineteenth century to the present day, it is brought to life with reproductions of numerous advertisements that echo the watches shown and lend them the colour, feel and flavour of their time. The book is mainly intended for collectors, who will undoubtedly find in it their preferred models. Prefaced by Nicolas G. Hayek and written and designed by Marco Richon, curator of the Omega Museum, it is organised like a “structured catalogue”, divided into twelve chapters, preceded by a brief history of the company and followed by a complete list of calibres.

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