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Watch Repair

We offer expert servicing, repair, refurbishing, and restoration on almost every classic, vintage and antique timepiece. Once a timepiece has been brought for examination we send it to our team specialist, who, at that time, inspects the timepiece with expertise and precision for any malfunctions or adjustments. Our specialist then provides us with an estimate, which is when we notify the owner if they wish to proceed . All estimates are free of charge.



At Jackmond LLC., we will inspect, categorize, evaluate and appraise your vintage, classic or antique timepiece, jewelry, gold, loose stones and more. Your piece is appraised by a Certified Gemologist, who scrutinizes the item with proficiency and accuracy, and who will then give you either a detailed or basic report, depending on your needs.


         Our appraisal fee is a simple fixed rate based on the type of appraisal you need.

         Detailed Appraisal Report: $100

         Basic Appraisal: $50


         There are three  types of appraisals. They include: Insurance, Fair Market Value (FMV) and Witness to the Property.

Insurance appraisal is used to determine the retail replacement cost for insurance scheduling. The value that is given to your piece is the price upon which your premium is set. A detailed description is crucial in order to replace the piece if necessary with an item of equal quality and kind. Because of this, it is very important that the descriptions be extremely detailed and specific.


Fair Market Value appraisals can be used for a variety of purposes, including cash liquidation, collateral, divorce settlement, investment, estate probate, and charitable contributions. The purpose of the appraisal determines the market that is used to calculate the value of your jewelry. In order to determine which of the fair market appraisal is right for you, it is important to tell your appraiser what you intend to do with the piece, or the reason why you are looking to have it appraised.


Witness to the Property appraisals can attest in a court of law that the jewelry existed at a certain point in time, that it was in a certain condition, and that it was valued according to accepted valuation practice. (This is why it is necessary for your appraiser to examine your jewelry when you have the appraisal updated.)

At Jackmond LLC., you can be certain that your appraisal will be a comprehensive, detailed evaluation of your jewelry. Our appraisals include the following information but are not limited to:


• A detailed description of the item
• Metal content and weight (14K white gold, 18k yellow gold, platinum, etc.)
• Measurements (length, width, thickness)
• Metal finishes (polished, matte, sand blasted, etc.)
• Settings (six prong set, bezel set, channel set, etc.)
• Manufacturing technique (custom wax and cast, die struck, cast and assembled, hand fabricated, etc.)
• Type of findings (spring ring, lobster claw, barrel, etc.)
• Condition of the piece (new, excellent, fair, etc.)
• Design (custom, serpentine, curb link, etc.)
• Engraving (if applicable)
• Circa (the age of the item)
• Style number (if applicable)
• Signatures, hallmarks, and trademarks (if applicable)